Monday, January 16, 2012

May the 4 Be with You

Ohhhh, you don't know how much I love Star Wars! ...and you don't know how much I love a good pun! So, when I finally thought out the design of this card, I was just giddy with excitement!

The excitement and design fever started with a birthday invitation for my son's friend's birthday party. As always, I inquired about his favorite character, expecting Cars or Thomas. You can't imagine my surprise and joy when I heard: Legos, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Wow! Much kudos and respect to his parents to raising him right :)!

I was going to go with a Lego themed gift and card at first, but that did not work out. What took shape was a Star Wars themed gift, which was calling for a Star Wars themed card. I remembered that Wiggles and Giggles (who else!!?) carries Star Wars themed paper and that's only one of the reasons why that place is so awesome. I went there and Master Yoda themed paper was the one that I took home.

Now here's the kick: my son's friend turns 4. So, there I sat and had an aha! moment. 4... four...force...May the Force be with You, no wait, May the 4 be with You!!! Haha, perfect! Genius, if you ask me :)! (Humble, too ;))

Cardstock: Imaginisce, silver, cream
Embellishments: 1 3/8" round punch, Cricut, MS glitter pen (silver), Millenium pen (black)

May the force be with you!

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